Helping tech businesses scale their engineering teams and develop software using functional programming

Scalamandra, established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers on-demand teams of skilled engineers for businesses looking to scale rapidly. The name "Scalamandra" combines our love for the Scala programming language and the resilience of the lizard species known for its remarkable regenerative abilities.
With expertise in product development, data engineering, big data, and machine learning, Scalamandra serves diverse industries such as healthcare, fintech, automotive, and more. 
We also operate a dedicated center for training and re-qualification, assisting software developers in reaching middle and senior levels. As a patron of the Salamandra Foundation, we support the preservation of amphibians and their habitats.
At the company, we embrace the motto: "Use the maximum of your talent!" We foster an environment that encourages our team members to unleash their full potential, driving innovation and delivering exceptional results.
Welcome to Scalamandra – where technology meets talent!


Digis Group

In 2023, Scalamandra achieved a significant milestone with investment from Digis, a renowned global software development company. Digis boasts an impressive client portfolio, including industry leaders such as PwC, HubSpot, and BlaBlaCar.

With a team of over 220 professionals and a strong presence in various countries, including Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Baltic countries, Digis brings extensive expertise and resources to Scalamandra.

This strategic partnership with Digis will fuel Scalamandra's global expansion, enabling us to penetrate new markets and cater to a broader range of clients. The collaboration will enhance our capabilities in delivering exceptional engineering services and cutting-edge software solutions.


Organize talents in order to increase the efficiency of enterprises and simplify people's lives

Core Values

Radical honesty

We value the truth, whatever it may be, so we say it as it is


We multiply our talents among ourselves for achieving maximum results


We value clarity, therefore we do not hide information from either a Client or employees


We take into account the opinion of everyone in our company and treat them with understanding regardless of position