Software development company

We help to achieve business goals by developing software solutions and providing high-performing, on-demand teams of developers. Our company is involved in developing websites, analytical dashboards, automation systems, and mobile applications. We make it possible for our clients to take the next step in modernizing legacy applications using functional programming and cutting-edge technologies Scala, Node.js React.js, etc.
Why Scalamandra? Our name represents two ideas. Scala is our favorite programming language and Salamandra is a lizard, which is listed on the IUCN Red List.
To start working, we need to discuss needs and develop requirements. After that, we prepare the outline and design the product for approval. We select the project development methodology based on a product and a Client’s wishes. We use the Change-Driven and Plan-Driven approaches as well as all the necessary practices: version control system, CI and CD, and full testing to ensure a Client that there are no issues in the product.
We are contacted when there is only an idea and a reliable team is needed to build MVP when you need help with creating a website or parts of it. Also, if there is a need for a resource that will help advertise a business, automate and digitalize its processes.
Development teams today need to move and scale fast. Our developers onboard quickly and look for ways to add immediate impact to your team.
We are 100% remote with teams around the world and we believe that developers can work effectively whether they are in the office or not. This is approved by the results and reviews from our customers.
Our motto: Use the maximum of your talent!


Organize talents in order to increase the efficiency of enterprises and simplify people's lives

Core Values

Radical honesty

We value the truth, whatever it may be, so we say it as it is


We multiply our talents among ourselves for achieving maximum results


We value clarity, therefore we do not hide information from either a Client or employees


We take into account the opinion of everyone in our company and treat them with understanding regardless of position