Case Studies

We created


Information technology | UI, Scala, Akka, Slick, React, Python


Client location: Australia
Chat pairing server (Scala) with Sockets and a corresponding client. The Chat Sessions are like Speed Dating.Users can request to join a session and are then put in a waiting queue. When there are users waiting for a Session, the Session is created. In a Session, Users are paired randomly in 1-on-1 Chats. After a Chat finishes, Users have paired randomly again.


Design | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Canvas

Constructor of executive schemes

Development of building construction schemes from scratch and development of templates and tips. The software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design.The software is used in the industry by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, urban planners, and other professionals. 


Business Analytics | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Groovy

Business analytics startup

Client: Engage OnlineClient location: Australia
The product that allows you to organize all your business data on one dashboard. It helps you better track and analyze your business, make better decisions and achieve success.A flexible system of permissions allows you to give access only to things you want to share


Security | UI/UX, React.js, Python, C, Scala

Room security service

Client: LPNU UniversityClient location: Ukraine
Room management service which provides you the access to the rooms by your fingerprint. It also has a web service with the possibility to view maps of rooms, book the rooms, view access statistics and many other features. Target Client is the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Lviv Polytechnic National University


Software development | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Groovy

Support tool

Client location: Belgium
This software product was designed specifically for the Client to automate the support process of his product. It is integrated with the Jira Service Desk to automatically synchronise support tickets' info


Real Estate | UI/UX, React.js, Scala

Apartment rental service portfolio + admin page

Client location: Ukraine
This web service is an apartment portfolio for daily rental. Users can view apartments, feedback, news, and leave their own feedback by following the link.
Most complex part of the application is the admin page. It provides flexible management of apartments, users feedback and news


Retail | React.js

UI Demo for AI startup

Client: Facecard.clubClient location: Ukraine
A web-UI demo for the face-recognition startup. It uses an in-browser JavaScript library for recognising faces. The demo captures your face, following you as you move and then sends it to a server


Retail | React.js, Scala

Online food store

Client location: Ukraine

A copy of an existing online store, that sells and delivers food


Healthcare | UI/UX, React.js, PHP

Medical center website

Client location: Ukraine
A website which allows patients to sign up, then sign in, make appointments with doctors and view their schedule.Moreover, it allows doctors to view their schedule and registrars to make appointments manually.The website has an admin page, where an admin can manage users


Education | UI/UX, html, css, bootstrap

English course website

Client: Native.nuClient location: Ukraine
The purpose of the page is to motivate a visitor to enter their email in a form that will check whether there is such a user in the database and offer the suitable courses


Healthcare | UI/UX

Productive life

Client location: Ukraine
Application that helps you to visualise your health data from the MI FIT application, records from a money manager. It also helps to keep track and analyse progress in your projects, daily todo lists, etc


Marketing | UI/UX

Product presentation

Client location: Ukraine

Advertisement pages of different commercial products