Case Studies

From startups to enterprises, Scalamandra has created:


eSignature | Scala, Cats, Cats-effect, Fs2, Akka

IT Staff Augmentation for Digital Signing Services

Client location: Netherlands
Our outstaffing service offers a team of expert Scala developers for a cutting-edge project focused on digital signature and identification. The app is exclusively built with Scala and our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing it by developing new modules and functionalities. With this product, you can confidently sign important digital documents, as it enables you to use a qualified electronic signature with the same legal power as a handwritten one. 


Automotive | Scala, Kafka, React.js, Kotlin, Swift, MongoDB

Global Automotive Platform

Client location: Thailand
A global platform that delivers location and condition data analytics for actively-tracked objects. We will provide businesses and in the future individual customers with full information on their vehicles. Users will be able to connect any kind of GPS tracking device or an app to our platform and receive nice and clean reports on vehicles, track routes online, see analytics on routes and vehicles in charts and on a map, receive all telematics data on their objects


Internet Banking | Scala, Akka-HTTP, Akka-Actors, Scala, OracleDB, Slick, OpenAPI

IT Staff Augmentation for Internet Banking

Client location: USA
Ongoing support & development of back-end on Scala. Implement new features and modules, legacy code support, modules architecture, modules API design, and DB schema architecture.


Human Resource | Scala, Node.js 

IT Staff Augmentation

Client location: USA
We were brought on as a team extension to assist in the development of a human resources planning system for an enterprise. This system allows workforce managers to make staffing forecasts for messaging that takes service level into account. Our specific task was to rewrite the system's modules from Scala to Node.js, a task that required extensive knowledge and expertise in both programming languages. By completing this project, we were able to help the enterprise improve the efficiency and accuracy of its workforce planning, ultimately contributing to its overall success.


NFT | React.js, Node.js 

NFT Real Estate Platform

Client location: Switzerland
Futurent is a blockchain-based rental & trading platform for NFT Real estate & Luxury cars, heading into the Metaverse sector as pioneers in this field. DeFi protocols will enable Fractional NFT Ownership rights of real-world assets in the simpliest way possible - offer secure liquidity funds and instant revenue share.


E-Commerce | React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS

E-Commerce platform

Client location: Japan
The web service allows anyone to create an online store in 1 minute. This system allows you to register and sell products by simply entering the minimum required information, such as the store name, product name, product photo, price, shipping method, and the payment method you choose.


Virtual events | React.js, Firebase

Singapore Business Awards virtual event

Client location: Singapore
The Singapore Business Awards online event recognizes companies whose outstanding achievements and growth in the industry have made a vital contribution to the development of Singapore


Virtual events | React.js, Node.js, Express.js, Three.js, Express.js, Mongoose, Redis,, AWS S3, Immutable.js

Career Fest virtual event

Client location: Singapore
Online recruitment event. The goal of the project is to successfully close 200 job openings through a seven-day virtual event. There were many live broadcasts every day where candidates could learn information about the company and vacancies


Information technology | UI, Scala, Akka, Slick, React.js, Python


Client location: Australia
Sessions are like speed dating.Users can request to join a session, after which they are placed in a waiting queue. When there are users waiting for a session, the session is created. During a session, users are randomly paired up in 1-on-1 chats. After a chat ends, users have randomly paired up again


Design | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Canvas, MongoDB

Constructor of executive schemes

Client: NDA
Development of building construction schemes from scratch and development of templates and tips. The software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design.The software is used in the industry by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, urban planners, and other professionals


Business Analytics | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Groovy, MongoDB

Business analytics startup

Client location: Australia
The product that allows you to organize all your business data on one dashboard. It helps you better track and analyze your business, make better decisions and achieve success.A flexible system of permissions allows you to give access only to things you want to share


Security | UI/UX, React.js, Python, C, Scala

Room security service

Client location: 
Room management service which provides you the access to the rooms by your fingerprint. It also has a web service with the possibility to view maps of rooms, book the rooms, view access statistics and many other features. Target Client is the Artificial Intelligence Department of the University


Software development | UI/UX, React.js, Scala, Groovy

Support tool

Client location: Belgium
This software product was designed specifically for the Client to automate the support process of his product. It is integrated with the Jira Service Desk to automatically synchronise support tickets' info


Retail | React.js

UI Demo for AI startup

Client location: NDA
A web-UI demo for the face-recognition startup. It uses an in-browser JavaScript library for recognising faces. The demo captures your face, following you as you move, and then sends it to a server


Healthcare | UI/UX

Productive life

Client location: NDA
The application that helps you to visualise your health data from the MI FIT application, records from a money manager. It also helps to keep track and analyse progress in your projects, daily todo lists, etc