Will artificial intelligence be able to replace programmers?

Will artificial intelligence be able to replace programmers?

Artificial intelligence is developing at a breakneck pace. Even today it recognizes cancer better than a person, knows how to drive a car, recognizes voices and even fakes them.

People in various fields are losing jobs through automation and robotics. Recently, there have been rumors that programmers are also under threat.

A team of U.S. researchers form The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory claims that by 2040, artificial intelligence will write code better and faster than developers.

In the near future, programmers will work in tandem with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence works on the basis of the analysis of a large amount of information. The quality of the pre-written code will be low because the code is written by people. The optimization will be that the developer will give the vector where artificial intelligence will go and choose the most appropriate version of the code. Therefore, developers will not lose their jobs.

In our opinion, in the future automation will include such a direction as frontend development, but it will be gradual, because artificial intelligence is already able to generate template sites, but to special and complex "cases", a clear reproduction of the client's desires is still far.

The second in line for replacement will be the developers of the backend part, DevOps-engineers. In this case, artificial intelligence must learn to translate the business requirements of a particular domain into the high-quality code.

Finally, artificial intelligence specialists will keep their jobs for many years to come, because the greater the need for artificial intelligence, the greater the need for such specialists, and artificial intelligence, which can reproduce itself and create even better ones, will not appear very soon.